Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Burlesque-ooh!-rama # 9: Bada-booooom!!!

We have just launched another rocket! Our mission is to bring you - FIRE.

Therefore we will be targeting the Hot Jazz Club in Münster on Oktober 2nd.

Your pilot on the plane is long-serving and dead-aiming Ferkel Johnson.

His unfailing propellant and on-duty copilot is DJ Sabotage.

You better be aware that we are loaded with four different female explosives:

Giuditta Sin 

Lou on the Rocks 

Tronicat la Miez 

Rusty la Pearl 

Every single one of them is a  B O M B - and they are fully prepared for battle!

If you come late or come underdressed, our nude units are obliged to use... SEXY FORCE!

Get your boarding ticket and join our mission - enlist now!!!